Motorbike Hire

When we headed back to New Zealand in March 2011 to ride around the North Island we got our bikes from Alison & John from Te Waipounamu  Motorcycle Tours and they were terrific.

Super friendly service from the start, they have a great range of top quality bikes and totally organised.

BMW R1200R At A Great Price

BMW R1200R At A Great Price

Their North Island office is located just outside Auckland itself and is very easy to find.

They provided a very thorough pre-ride briefing for us all, along with some ride suggestions and some additional gear.

Motorbike Hire At A Great Rate

The motorbike hire rate was very competitively priced (by that I mean cheap!) and the bikes were superb.

I rode a BMW R1200R and it was beautiful.

One of the bikes had a bit of a problem one day and Aidan from Te Waipounamu  Motorcycle Tours was straight out with a replacement bike.  No drama, no hassle.

When we took the bikes back late on a Friday afternoon, it was a quick and painless exercise to handover.

The best bit of all was that the John and Aidan had some ice cold beers to greet us with – a simple thing that made the guys very, very happy!

They’re very, very customer focused and committed to provide great bikes at a great rate with no hassle.

Highly Recommended.

South Island New Zealand Motorcycle Hire – Not Quite As Good

We hired our motorcycles for our 2010 trip around the South Island from Go Tour NZ in Nelson at the top of the South Island.

Not a big fan.

We turned up on the day, were handed the keys to the bikes parked, signed the forms and we’re off.

Motorbike handover was down the side alley

Motorbike handover was down the side alley

There was no familarisation with the bikes, just a quick check on the damage already on the bikes.

(I did notice one of our guys got a decent handover from a guy called Brendon.)

I wanted to hire a jacket for the trip and tried one on.  When I asked how much it was the lady said, “No idea.  We’ll just add it to your bill at the end of the trip.”

Oh great.

The Old Cabbie Trick

In the cab from the hotel to the motorbike hire place the cabbie did the old trick of not turning on his meter.

So when we arrived he says “Oh look, I forgot to turn on the meter.  Let’s just make it $20.”

I assume cabbies do this to get cash and to have no record of the trip.

I see the “I have no idea how much the jacket is to hire” as the same in terms of just keep the customer in the dark and make the sale, because he’s in holiday mode and unlikely to kick up a fuss.

$150 To Hire A $250 Jacket

The jacket ended up costing me $150 for 10 days hire.

If I had of known that I would have purchased one, after all it was only a $250-300 jacket.

Nice Jacket - And So It Should Be!

Nice Jacket - And So It Should Be!

The Bikes Were Just Fine

The bikes were just fine, but this place leaves me feeling a bit cold.

  • poor handover of bikes,
  • the no price jacket,
  • when we returned the bikes the lady we needed for handover was away at lunch.

So we sat around waiting for her for an hour before we could leave.

If I had some customers who’d just spent $8,000 or so with me, I’d make the effort to ensure they’re dealt with promptly and efficiently.  The business has quite a few in it – would it be so hard to train someone else up to refund the security deposit??

Security/Insurance Excess Deposit – You Pay $4,000 Up Front

credit card chargedWhen my security/insurance excess deposit was being refunded it didn’t go through on the day (Friday) because the refunds for the other guys had been done first and this meant the Refund Limit for the business had been reached for the day.

It wasn’t until the following Wednesday that I received my security/insurance excess deposit back.

Note: Be aware with your security/insurance excess deposit that the business takes $4,000 from you – whether it’s from your credit card, cash, whatever (taking the $4,000 security deposit is apparently a requirement these days when hiring).

If you pay with credit card like we did, you’ll also get hit with a Conversion Fee too – so budget an extra $100+ in costs on top of what you expect.

Nice Web Site Not Matched By The Experience

Go Tour NZ have a nice web site, all friendly, organised and professional.

A pity my experience didn’t match it.