About The Men Who Dared!

Ok, here’s the deal on the guys who did the ride.

Captain, Riley, Birdman & Flyboy

Captain, Riley, Birdman & Flyboy

We’re a bunch of idiots guys who last year did a motorcycle tour around Tasmania.  We had such a good time we’d thought we’d repeat the exercise around the South Island of New Zealand.

We’d lost a couple of riders since Tasmania, but picked up Drop Top Doc who followed us around the Island in a zippy little MX-5.

Captain Golden Knob (Brendon) – Leader of the Pack

The guy who gives the nicknames and is the self-appointed team leader.

Nice Jacket - And So It Should Be!

The Captain

The only rider with a motorbike AND enormous courage and style.

He left the planning of this trip to ex-British Army lad Riley (Dave) who said “Prior planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance”.

He’s about (April 2011) to embark on a more strenuous challenge of NZ by running from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South island (and then Stewart Island) in just 44 days.

Riley (David) – 2nd In Command

So nicknamed because he has the life of Riley.

As you can tell, Riley is quite ugly and compensates for this by being rather charming (as charming as a Brit can be anyway).

Smile You Miserable Git!

Smile You Miserable Git!

Barely works, spends most of his time traveling, having fun and living life large.

He does the opposite of what he says – i.e. “We’ll just take it slow today lads…..”

Flyboy (Kevin) – Demoted to 3rd IC

FlyboyKevin flew fighters,  Blackhawk helicopters and became Chief Test Pilot and Flight Lead for all Special Operations with the Australian SAS on Counter-Terrorist Operations.

Surprisingly enough, for a bloke who has done it all, he’s quiet and shy and leaves the mouthing off to the self appointed Captain.

You might notice his photo is a little smaller than everyone else’s – this is to punish him for striking this ridiculous pose!

Bloody Show Pony!

Birdman (John)

Nicknamed Birdman because of 2 things:

  1. his last name is Bird
  2. on the last trip he flew through the air like a bird whilst crashing

Birdman is, we think, 104 years of age but I’d never say that because his 23 year old wife Karen would have me killed.

Birdman once again rode a BMW and did it beautifully.  At times we had trouble keeping up with him.

He's beautiful, charming & hairy

He’s beautiful, charming & hairy

Drop Top Doc (Paul)

The newest addition to the team after Poss and Crazy Mad Doc abandoned the boys after last year’s trip because, we assume, their wives wouldn’t let them come out and play.

Another doctor, DTD drove around the island in a rented MX-5 and had a ball.

pauly-profileHe was our master photographer and Chief Medical Officer.

His main treatment consisted of “Shut the hell up and harden up Princess.”

Nik (Nik!)

Nik’s a retired bloke for the Gold Coast.

Nik rode the big red Ducati

Nik rode the big red Ducati

He worked for the Council so not exactly sure what he was retiring from!

Nik had a blast on a hot red Ducati.

Jimbo (James)

Jimbo has a mechanic Gold Coast business and was the best of the riders.

Always helps when you’ve raced Motocross through your teen years!

A Muppet or a Man??

A Muppet or a Man??