Day 8: New Plymouth to Auckland

by The Crew on March 7, 2012

A great day riding when we headed out of New Plymouth on the “3” coast road and turned left at Hangatiki.

From there it was about 60 kms of fantastic winding roads which were just brilliant.

We topped that off with a 15 km gravel road ride before we got back on the sealed stuff.

After that it got a little dull as we were running out of time and just hit the highway and freeway for the ride in Auckland.

The bikes were due back at Te Waipounamu  Motorcycle Tours at 5 pm and we arrived with about 10 minutes to spare.

We were all exhausted after a huge day or riding in heat and almost kissed John and Aiden when they produced icy cold beers when we got in.

A quick check over of the bikes and we were in a cab into a nearby pub for refreshments.

Disgraceful Presentation

In what must ranked up there as one of the biggest travesties of justice, Birdman had brought along a cupcake cup to be awarded to the most useful bloke on the trip.

Now, quite obviously, I was the stand out here as I was, and still am, quite amazing.

We all voted on the worthy recipient (me, obviously) in the pub and I voted for Drop Top Doc just so he’d have a vote and wouldn’t feel so bad about me clean sweeping the competition.

In what I can only assume was a rigged vote (!), Drop Top Doc won with all the votes (except for his!) and was the very proud winner of the Inaugural Cup Cake Cup Cup.

I made an angry (but heartfelt) speech how it was all complete bullshit and how undeserving he was whilst handing over the cup.

You know, the truth.

Then Doc got up and made a lovely speech about what an honour it was and blah, blah, blah.  I’d stopped listening to the smug little prick after 3 seconds ;o)

Winner of The Cupcake Cup Cup

Winner of The Cupcake Cup Cup

Cab To The Hotel

The Doc had booked us into the Holiday Inn at Auckland Airport because we had an early flight in the morning, so we piled into a cab later that night.

Then, believe it or not, we had to wait for 30 minutes in Reception whilst the Doc tried to figure out what name he’d booked the rooms under!

What a clown – and he’s sup[posed to be the smart one.  Just when we were thinking he’d booked us into another hotel, they found the booking:  “Mr Cupcake”

We eventually got out rooms, dropped our gear and then headed for the bar.

After a few more beers we crashed into bed for a couple of hours sleep before our flight.

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