Day 7: Napier to New Plymouth

by The Crew on March 7, 2012

New Plymouth is on the other side of the North Island to Napier, in what’s one of the widest parts.

We decided to throw in a ride to Palmerston North as well, mostly because I was keen to get there because my old dad was born there.

New Zealand just keeps dishing up awesome road after awesome road and it was no exception along the “50” through Ongaonga and Dannevirke.

From there it was into the magnificent Napier Road, running alongside a gorge with a fast river right beside us.

With windmills churning away above it, it was quite a spectacular sight.

Great shot of Birdman in action

Great shot of Birdman in action

Then it was into Palmerston North along flat farmland.

I’d always expected Palmerston North to be a depressed little country town, but instead found a vibrant and positive city.  It was lovely.

Palmerston North centre

The centre of Palmerston North

I thought my 82 yo dad would appreciate a phone call from his home town so I called him up from a pay phone opposite the main park.

He’s a bit senile my old man, but seemed quite pleased I’d called him from his hometown.

“I was born there,” he said.

A Lovely Moment….For 30 Seconds!

It was a lovely moment……………until about 30 seconds later he said “Have you left for New Zealand yet?”

Old bugger had already forgotten!

A Quick Stop

A Quick Stop

After a few coffees and a fair bit of relaxation, it was time to hit the road and point the bikes to New Plymouth.

We soon hit Highway 3 beside the water and enjoyed the usual great roads.

Dave alongside the ocean

Dave alongside the ocean

The Car Flashed Its Lights

Roaring along we had a car flash it’s light at us – I was in the lead and thought “Lovely, eh’s warning us about a local copper”.

Not exactly – that was the local copper suggesting we ease of the throttle a little.

Duly noted, the lads eased up and we idled into New Plymouth.

A quick check into the Copthorne Hotel Grand Central and we were off to a bar.  A refreshing beverage or 20 was followed by dinner at a the pub, a good oild fashioned Irish pub where Flyboy was chatted up by the ugliest woman in New Zealand.

At least I hope she was the ugliest woman in New Zealand!

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