Day 5: Thames to Rotorua

by The Crew on March 7, 2012

What a great day’s riding this was.

We headed out pretty early so we could enjoy the amazing Coromandels – north of Thames.

Another gorgeous view

Another gorgeous view

We did the loop from Thames around the Coromandel National Park on Highway 25 (a narrow highway, with tons of hills and bends) and stopped in at Whangamata for a bite to eat.

After a glorious ride through to Waihi, we headed to Tauranga and Mount Maunganui for a bit of lunch.

Mount Maungananui

Drop Top Doc

He might be a doctor, but he ain't that smart - the chicks in bikinis are behind you!

From there it was through Te Puke, into Paengaroa and onto Rotorua, a city of 16 lakes and one hell of a smell.

I’d booked us into the Grand Hotel, a great looking older pub if the web site was anything to go by.

Don’t know what the hell happened, but I screwed that up because we ended up in a boxy not so nice motel.

350 Complaints

Anyway, the lads didn’t let me know (only about 350 times that night) and we went off to enjoy a fantastic meal at a local restaurant.

And look, I don’t want to be tough on Rotorua, but man, that smell is bad.

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