Day 3: Apihara to Russell

by The Crew on February 27, 2012

The lads were up early ready to go, including Nick, a first timer with us riding a beautiful Ducati.

Nick and his beloved Ducati

Nick and his beloved Ducati

A lovely day for a bike ride as we headed to the town of Russell in the Bay of Islands on the eastern side of the North Island.

The ride out of Apihara was in overcast conditions, but it soon fined up as we headed along the North Road to the town of Awanui, where we swung a right onto State Highway 10 and headed for Mangonui.

Now, I don’t think we should blame anyone and I don’t think we should point fingers, but the dickhead who was leading the pack (that would be me) rode right past the turnoff to Mangonui and kept going.

When that same dickhead pulled the lads over into a coffee shop some miles down the road, one rider was heard to say “I thought we were going to Mangonui??”

Where Real Leadership Comes In

This is where real leadership comes in.  And my reply was chock full of leadership if nothing else.

“I decide where we go and where we stop, you insolent little bastard!  To the back of the pack for you!” I said with firm authority anmd managed to have the lads think I missed the turnoff on purpose.

They’re not the smartest bunch (stupid is probably the word), so none of them were any the wiser.

They’re so stupid you’d think they were all English!

Nice Biking Roads

Past Doubtless Bay, through Mangonui and into Waipapa was lovely riding with easy roads and nice weather.

Waitangi is the place of the Waitangi Treaty Grounds and we called in to take a look at this historic part of New Zealand’s past.

Back in 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi was signed between Maori and the British – it established British law in New Zealand whilst guaranteeing Maori authority over their land and culture.

Waitangi Treaty Grounds

Waitangi Treaty Grounds

Ferry To Russell

From Waitangi it was a short ride to Port Opua, where we caught the ferry across the bay to Russell.

This beautiful waterfront town boasts New Zealand’s oldest hotel The Duke of Marlborough, which is where we stayed for the night.

This is one happy me

This is one happy me

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