Summary Of South Island Motorbike Trip 2010

by The Crew on June 29, 2011

You hear about these supposedly incredible roads for riding in New Zealand and you wonder if they’re not a bit over-hyped.

They’re not.

A couple of times on the trip – heading into Mount Cook and the road from Hawea through to Makarora (between Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea) – was breathtakingly beautiful.

Heading away from Mount Cook

Heading away from Mount Cook

They were times when you can’t quite believe your luck.

New Zealand’s a very easy place to motorcycle around for Australian’s – very friendly, English speaking and they’re set up wonderfully well for tourists.

The Australian $ is strong against the NZ $, so it’s a pretty cheap place to visit – as an example, my hire of a R1200R BMW motorbike for a week set me back just under $900 Australian.

With the super cheap airfares from Australia, there’s really no excuse not to head over to NZ for a motorcycling holiday and it’s one I’d recommend strongly.

The South Island scenery is nothing short of spectacular and well worth a look.

Near Tasman Lake

Near Tasman Lake

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