Day 8: Blackball to Collingwood

by The Crew on June 29, 2011

After a hearty breakfast we posed for the obligatory photo outside the Blackball pub and departed.

First off was a trip to Reefton, from where we headed onto the State Highway (# 7) and then joining the State Highway (# 65) over the Lewis Pass into Murchison.

More breathtaking riding along gorges and rivers and mountains and more.

We stopped for lunch at the River Cafe in Murchison, an old service station renovated into a very popular cafe – great food and a comfortable outdoor spot to sit.

After lunch it was more of the same with terrific roads, nice bends and superb straights.

Just more perfect weather

Just more perfect weather

Saw a couple of log trucks today, but campervans still rule the road.

As usual, all drivers are very courteous here in NZ.

From Murchinson through to Motueka was nice open and fairly straight roads,w hilst the from Motueka to Takaka was a whole lot of fun with twists and turns galore.

Then nice country roads through to Collingwood, includinga  nice hill (Takaka Hill) climb followed by a descent down some lovely twisty roads.

On top of Takana Hill

On top of Takaka Hill

Song Of The Tui – Luxury Bed & Breakfast

Once we got to Collingwood, we had to find the remote “Song of the Tui” – a, get this (!), luxury Bed & Breakfast run by a retired English artist called Reg.

Riley booked it, so we assumed he wanted to get all romantic on us.

Anyway, we eventually found the spot along some lovely dirt roads and then had a hair-raising ride on the bikes up Reg’s front driveway.

It didn’t really seem our style.  And we were here for 2 nights!

We were soon settled in by reg and enjoyed some mighty fine hospitality – by that I mean great food and booze.

The Mussel Inn

Reg directed us to the famous Mussel Inn for dinner – it was a bit of a drive away, so Reg leant us his car for the trip.

Dinner was fabulous and it was back to Reg’s for a nice snooze after a 384 km day on the bikes.

Riley The Excellent Accommodation Selector

At the end of the stay with Reg it was unanimously voted that Riley is indeed a genius and would forthwith be know as “Riley The Excellent Accommodation Selector”!

View from Regs Living Room

View from Reg's Living Room

When it was time to leave Reg’s delightful place no-one really wanted to go – he’d looked after us so well in his beautiful home with the amazing views, limpy dog called Princess, incredible food and much more that it was one of the highlights of the trip.

Reg makes you feel very welcome and it’s very obvious that he loves what he does.

Check out the “Song of the Tui” review here.

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