Day 6: Queenstown to Fox Glacier

by The Crew on June 14, 2011

Distance: 404 kms

Today we headed out of Queenstown and headed for Fox Glacier, a bit over 400 kms away.

Headed down nice country roads with some switchbacks over the pass down into Cardrona where we stopped for a coffee at the old pub (the one with the old Chrysler out the front).

(It was too early for a beer – BUT, my brother Bryan recently (in 2010) cycled the length of New Zealand.  He kept a diary and mentioned cycling up the hill towards Queenstown past Cardrona.

Sure enough, he stopped at the same pub.

I read where he had 4 schooners of beer.  Then I noticed the time – 10 am.

Not saying he’s a complete pisshead or anything, but the evidence does suggest it!)

Onto Wanaka

Further down the hill is the delightful lakeside town of Wanaka.

With the lake in front, the hills to the side and a gorgeous town it was as good a place as any to have breakfast so we enjoyed a leisurely cooked breakfast at one of the many lakeside cafes.

Then it was on with the riding.

And what a ride it was.

Out of Wanaka to Hawea along the Makarora-Lake Hawea Road was great riding and then from Hawea through to Makarora (between Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea) was breathtakingly beautiful.

Great roads with the most amazing scenery.

The best ride of the entire trip.

Scratch that, the best riding of my life.

The scenery just has to be seen to be believed.

Although we did have a traffic jam!

Traffic jam NZ style

Traffic jam NZ style

The rest of the ride went back to being just beautiful rather than mind blowing.

Flyboy takes a typical corner

Flyboy takes a typical corner

Riley uses rest time to do some extra crunches!

Riley uses rest time to do some extra crunches!

Up through the Haast Highway over the Haast Pass (a fabulous ride in itself) alongside rivers and creeks and mountains and forests and the sea – this ride really did have it all.

We finally pulled up at the made-for-tourist town of Fox Glacier.

Tons Of Tourists and Petrol Was $2.05 NZ a Litre

There were plenty of tourists in campervans and cyclists on the road, so no great drama.

Bearing in mind we rode in early 2010, the petrol was $2.05 in Fox Glacier.

Dinner was at the Heartland Hotel Glacier Country, a nice dinner with a lovely steak.

Drop Top Doc kicked arse on the dartboard and we all went to bed safe in the knowledge we’d be flying in a helicopter to the top of Fox Glacier the next morning.

That was enough to have half the lads laying awake in fear all night!

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